• Drinking Water Solutions

    Drinking safe and healthy water is very important for your family. Solution Providers has a range of domestic drinking water solutions in Goa for your residences that are easy to install and more importantly healthy for your family

  • Water Treatment Solutions

    As water gets scarce every day, it is indeed our duty to recycle as much water we can, for our daily use. Solution Providers has a range of water treatment solutions in Goa, for residential, industrial and hospitality projects.

  • Pest Management Solutions

    We help keep your homes pest-free with our various natural pest management solutions, that we have to offer. Be it termites, rats, cockroaches or mosquitoes, let Solution Providers help keep your home pest free

  • Call in the Specialists

    Be it waste water management or sewage treatment plants, Solution Providers is just a call away to give you the best long lasting solution for your home, hotel or industry in Goa.

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Need a Solution?

Solution Providers is a diversified sales and service provider, serving Goa in its core business — Water Management, Waste Management and Pest Management. With customer-oriented customized solutions, Solution Providers caters to Individuals, Offices, Industries and Professionals.

Today with innovative technologies and state-of-the-art products, we have grown into an accomplished player in the field of water, waste water and pest management.

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Reverse Osmosis Filters

water treatment plants goa

Our Reverse Osmosis Water Filteration Systems removes all toxins, bacteria, viruses, suspended solids and dissolved chemicals. Itmakes bore-well/salty water drinkable, while removing contaminants that may cause high blood pressure, kidney stones, indigestion, gastric bacterial diseases, etc. The Filters enhance taste by removing undesirable salts and minerals, without using any chemicals to purify your water.

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Sewage Treatment Plants

water treatment plants goa

Along with the expertise acquired by our consultants in setting up 100s of STPs and ETPs, we have set right quiet a few STPs in Goa, and are in a process of setting up even more.
Our Core Objectives are:

  • Compliance to statutory PCB norms
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Reduce total project cost and the capital investment
  • Reduce time for start up projects

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